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    We are now accepting applications for our Summer School Programs 2016
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    Summer School on New Development Cooperation (NDC): July 2–9, 2016
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    Early Bird Application Deadline: February 29, 2016

Summer School on New Development Cooperation:

Breaking the Chains of Poverty

The barrier to change is not too little caring it is too much complexity”

Bill Gates 

2 - 9 July, 2016

The increasing globalization of economic relations, technology transfer, social and cultural interactions is currently viewed as an unstoppable force.  Although global economic growth has lifted the standards of life in many countries, it has failed to reduce poverty in the least developed parts of the world.  For example, over the last 30 years, GNI for the Africa’s Sub- Saharan region has more than double, but the poverty rate remains constant at about 50% of population.

According to the report of Sasakawa Peace Foundation, 35% of the world’s poor live in the countries participating in global economy, but are not able to make their way to a better life.  These are the people, which with the help of domestic policies and international support could find the solutions to their situation. The question here is how to address the complex issue of development cooperation, so that even failures would lead to constructive and working solutions. How can we learn to try and fail, and fail better?

The Summer School aims at posing some  important questions for the new development cooperation, challenge the established order and seek for innovative solutions. 


Come to a beautiful city of Prague to:

Contribute to the discussions on new tasks for the global developmental cooperation with prominent academics and   leading professionals

Become a part of a team creating innovative solutions for the development of local communities in need

Challenge the existing truths with your own knowledge and experience and be challenged by others

Meet fellow students - future pioneers of inclusive, socially and environmentally sustainable globalization

Support with 5% of your program fee the self-sustaining kindergarten in Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya


"Students of Prague Summer Schools 2013 contributed with an amount of 1360 EUR to the construction of the x-ray suite -the only x-ray unit for over 300 000 inhabitants of wester rural Kenya.  Please see the thanks note from Dan Ogola, the Director of The Matibabu Foundation implementing the x-ray unit construction project in Kenya."

Thanks note to students of Prague Summer Schools


You will have an opportunity to discuss the reality of international development cooperation with Daniel Ogola, born and educated in Kenya, the founder of the Matibabu Foudation. The CNN reporters presented Daniel Ogola as an agent of change seeing the opportunities instead of the obstacles and making difference in physical and economic health of their community.

….and Daniel Ogola will share his experience with you, will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of community initiatives, limitations and opportunities for the sustainable development in the poorest parts of the world.


Readings for the New Development Cooperation: Breaking the Chains of Poverty

1.Franklyn Lisk readings

3. AGECCsummaryreport1_2.pdf

4. 15_consumo_ingles.1-2.pdf

5. 15_consumo_ingles.3-4.pdf

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7. ditcted2012d3_en_1.81-120.pdf

8. ditcted2012d3_en_1.121-160.pdf

9. ditcted2012d3_en_1.161-200.pdf

10. ditcted2012d3_en_1.201-220.pdf

11. ditcted2012d3_en_1.221-240.pdf

12. ditcted2012d3_en_1.241-280.pdf

13. ditcted2012d3_en_1.281-320.pdf

14. ditcted2012d3_en_1.321-341.pdf

15. ditcted2012d3_en_1.1-40.1-20.pdf

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